[DNS-323] Firmware 1.09

Firmware : Version 1.09 (16/06/2010)

Nouveautés :

  • Support de backup online CTERA

NE PAS mettre à jour le micrologiciel sur tous les produits D-Link via une connexion sans fil. Il peut en résulter un défaut de l'appareil. N'utiliser que les connexions réseau câblé.

Historique :

  • Firmware: 1.09

    Date: 06/16/10
    • Support CTERA Online Backup.
  • Firmware: 1.08

    Date: 02/17/10
    • Now supports 2TB Disks.
    • Add Scandisk support.
    • Add Support for EXT3.
    • Supports D-Link's DNS-323 Yahoo! Widget. Check out your BT downloads right from your desktop!
    • New applications can be modulized and be installed to disk using APKG.
    • Support for Bonjour added via APKG modules.
    • Support for NFS (as a server) added via APKG modules.
    • Support System Logging/FTP Logging.
    • Bugfix: Unable to save the modified word/excel file which already in device through Samba.
    • Bugfix: when upgrading from a older f/w to the latest v1.08 f/w, the FAN run in high speed continually.
    • Email Alerts: Extends the Sender's address limitation to 63 characters.
    • Email Alerts: Can now send email notification when BT is done downloading.
    • Email Alerts: Can now send email when the raid is put in degrade mode.
    • Email Alerts: Now Capable of sending logs by email.
    • Email Setup: Add the ability to manually configure your SMTP mail server port.
    • FTP Server: Now supports Hebrew codepage.
    • FTP Server: Now supports FXP transfers.
    • FTP Server: Add the ability to specify Passive port ranges for FTP.
    • FTP Server: Add the ability to set the FTP server to ONLY accept SSL/TLS connections and reject regular non-authenticated connections.
    • Users can now assign a shared folder for storing BT's torrents.
    • UPnP AV Server: Now supports streaming the following file extensions: WAV, OGG, FLAC, MKV, APE, IFO, ISO, AAC, DIVX, M4A, M2TS, ISO
    • UPnP AV Server: Now able to handle spaces in file names.
    • UPnP AV Server: Now able to handle long file names.
    • UPnP AV Server: If it runs across a corrupt file then it just skip's it instead of stopping the scan all together.
    • iTunes Server: iTunes Server is now capable of indexing more than 50,000 songs.
    • iTunes Server: Ability Replace existing iTunes server (mt-daapd) with new released software, Firefly by APKG module..
    • BitTorrent: BT can be uninstalled if it is installed via APKG.
    • Quota setting are now saved to the Configuration file.
    • DDNS: Add support for no-ip via APKG module.
    • Improved DST GUI design.
    • Disk formatting error codes are now given to help troubleshoot.
    • Ability to control the devices LED status of ON or OFF to minimize the amount of blue "radiance" generated by your DNS-323.
    • Add the ability to turn off the hard drive after more than 30 minutes (1 hour, 2 hours, etc.) in Power Management Settings.
    • Status Page: More In-depth Network information on status page, (Current Rx/Tx, Day/Week/Month etc., Device Uptime).
    • Samba Share mode and User mode auto switching to fix Vista login issue.
    • Support Auto Power Recovery (For HW C1 only).
    • The following items have had Help information added on the GUI:
      - FTP Server->Passive Mode,SSL/TSL.
      - Time->Daylight Saving Dates(DST Start,DST End).
      - System->Power LED CONTROL.
    • GUI has the ability to enable HTTPS (SSL) access only instead of allowing HTTP/S access by default.
    • Normal to Raid1: Creates a new volume for the remaining disk space after creating the Raid partition.
    • PHYSICAL DISK INFO: Now shows "L"--Left or "R"--Right instead of "1" or "2".
    • Shut off fan at desired temp (ability to check always on low, Add always on).
    • Applications: Scheduled downloads URL limit increased to 235 characters (up from 120).
    • Applications: Scheduled downloads now has Ajax Download bar similar to BT Page (no refresh required).
  • Firmware: 1.07

    Date: 04/16/09
    Feature Additions :
    • Fix for Deskstar 7K1000.B - Model HDT721010SLA360 Hitachi drives.
  • Firmware: 1.06

    Date: 12/29/08
    Feature Additions :
    • Supports 1.5 TB Hard Drives.
    • USB port supports UPS monitoring.
    • Add option to Manually or Automatically Rebuild Raid.
    • UPnP AV supports Microsoft XBoX 360, Sony PlayStation 3.
    • Support FTP over SSL/TLS.
    • Add Unicode support to FTP Server.
    • Email Alerts supports Gmail.
    Function Changes:
    • Turn off Fan at low system temperature.
    • Disable UPnP AV Server and iTunes Server by default.
    • Remove static DNS from the DDNS server provider list.
    • Remove the DDNS Timeout setting from GUI, and change the Status design. fixed timeout timer as 576 hours.
    • Remove the Auto Refresh Timer option for UPnP AV and iTunes Server, instantly Auto Refresh by default.
    • More user friendly Time Settings GUI design.
    Bug fixes:
    • Fix BT downloaded files sometimes are unable to be deleted.
    • UPnP AV support large file (over 4GB).
    • Fix 1st HDD unable to sleep.
    • Fix HDD cannot hibernate if UPnP AV or iTunes Server is enabled.
    • Time stamp of files are incorrect when DST is enabled.
  • Firmware: 1.05

    Date: 05/13/08
    • Add BitTorrent Support.
    • Add LLTD Support.
    • Add Jumbo Frame Support up to 9000.
    • Add option to re-configure the Hard Drive configuration as RAID 1 when installing the 2nd new Hard Disk.
    • Add Korean and Turkish codepage support in the FTP client language settings.
    • Add .info domain support for email alerts.
    • Fixed Hard Disk formatting on certain drives.
    • Fixed Print Server support.
    • Fixed iTunes support for large music libraries.
  • Firmware: 1.04

    Date: 01/30/08
    • Upgrade Samba from 2.x to 3x for Vista and Unicode Support.
    • FTP client language support for Western European, North European, Central European, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and Cyrillic codepages.
    • Add auto-refresh function for the iTunes and UPnP AV Server.
    • Add set "Oplocks", "Map archive" options in the Network Access page.
    • Add clear print queues function to clear any pending queues.
    • Add Daylight Savings Time option to Setup Wizard.
    • Add GoAhead WebServer logo to the login Webpage.
    • Combine User / Group setting into one section.
    • Separate the FTP Server Settings intto FTP Server Settings and FTP Account Settings.
    • Changed Max. length of username and password for email alerts to 31 characters.
    • Changed Max. length of username and password for Scheduled Downloads to 15 characters.
    • Fixed failure to mount an existing HDD when it is pre-formatted as NTFS/FAT32 and is being inserted into the device.
    • Fixed clock drift issue.
    • Fixed issues with mapping drives in Vista when using usernames and passwords.
  • Firmware: 1.03

    Date: 04/05/07
    • Fixed Daylight Savings Time causing GUI crash.
    • Fixed 2 gig limitation for Windows Server 2003 and Windows Vista.
    • Fixed e-mail notifications when using RAID 1 Mode.
    • Added support for *.mp4 files on UPNP Av Server.
    • Added ability to update firmware without having HDD installed.
    • Added EDIT icon under scheduled downloads to modify existing schedules.
    • Requires Easy Search Utility or higher.
  • Firmware: 1.02b

    Date: 02/06/07
    • Improved format function with one drive in standard mode.
    • Improved Re-synch function after RAID 1 recovery.
    • Removed EXT3 file system.
    • Fixed 2 gig limitation for Windows 2000 and Windows XP.
  • Firmware: 1.02

    Date: 12/18/06
    • Improved web-interface performance with Firefox browser.
    • Several text and graphic improvements.
    • Improved accuracy of the RAID format capacity calculator.
    • Removed unnecessary features: scandisk / defrag.
    • Resolved issues with transfer of a large amount of files.
    • Corrected UPnP AV server file name sorting.
  • Firmware: 1.01b

    Date: 10/24/06
    • Now supports 750GB hard drives.
    • UPnP icon in Network Places now launches properly.
    • D-Link NTP time servers added.
    • Default device name is now dlink-xxxxxx.
    • The e-mail alert which sends an e-mail when temperature is exceeded will also shut down the device after the e-mail is sent.
    • Extra JBOD volume is no longer forced when creating a RAID volume.
    • Allows the use of non-English character file names. (through Easy Search or above)
  • Firmware: 1.00

    Date: 08/09/06
    • Shipping version.

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